Instructions for Match Officials Indoor 2021-2022

Downsview Soccer League

Instructions for Match Officials - 2021-2022

  1. Please check in at the League’s Office upon arrival, at least 15 minutes prior to kickoff.
  2. For Small Soccer the League follows the Ontario Indoor Soccer Rules (available for download here). League Rules can be found here. Please read and study these carefully. Please note: DRIBBLE-INS are allowed in the U9 to U12 age divisions.
  3. Retreat line is enforced for U12 and younger ages. Additional information here.
  4. Players may wear NON-METAL cleats.
  5. Unlimited substitutions are allowed at any time and may be made on the fly – GAME CANNOT be delayed, substitutions do not require a stoppage in play.  All substitutions must take place within one metre of the halfway line on the side of the field where the substituting player’s bench is located.
  6. All games are 2x25 minute halves.
  7. You must use the facility clock/scoreboard at all games. However, no scores are to be displayed for grassroots soccer (U12 and younger) ages. If you are not familiar with the operation of the clock/scoreboard, follow the instructions on each device, or ask one of the conveners to guide you.
  8. Games must start on time. If the game is delayed for whatever reason and time will encroach into the next game, the referee must reduce the time of the halves so the game finishes 5 minutes before the next kick-off.
  9. The referee MUST ensure that only persons listed on the game sheet may occupy the technical area.
    1. There will be NO HANDSHAKE before or after the game. Once the final buzzer/whistle sounds, ALL players and team officials must leave the field IMMEDIATELY so the next game can start ON TIME - this has been a MAJOR complaint – games rarely start on time; this is unacceptable. The League has established penalties for non-compliance, so make sure you do your part.
  11. Game fees:
    1. Small-Sided: $30.00 per game, paid $15.00 in cash by each team.
  12. If the game if not started for whatever reason, the Match Officials do not get paid and the referee must file a Special Incident Report to claim any fees they may be entitled to as per the League Rules & Regulations.
  13. Upon completion of the game, completed game sheets with ALL FIELDS COMPLETED must be given to the league convener at the league’s office, along with any disciplinary reports. If additional time is needed to complete disciplinary reports, the Referee may forward such reports to the league within 24 hours (failure to do this will result in disciplinary action), but the game sheets are handed to the convener.
  14. Within 24 hours after the game, the Referee must enter the reports (score, discipline, etc.) in RefCentre. Please remember that if a game is not played, or is abandoned, the referee MUST contact the League before updating RefCentre.
  15. The League has zero tolerance for bad behaviour for all participants. Any person who does not act in a responsible manner may be expelled from the premises.
  16. PROFESSIONALISM – The League expects a high degree of professionalism from all match officials.
    1. Knowledge of the Laws of the Game and rules of the competition.
    2. Arrive at least 15 minutes before kick-off.
    3. Wear the proper attire as per ONTARIO SOCCER published procedures
    4. Carry out the required administrative duties, i.e., check game sheets for completeness and staff allowed on bench, checking of players’ equipment, ensuring spectators are not crowding the technical area.
    5. Show empathy for the game. One of the MAJOR COMPLAINTS we receive is for referees that hardly walk and referee from the halfway line in front the referee table, along with the lack of knowledge of the rules of competition.
    6. Any breach of the Code of Ethics & Professional Conduct  for Match Officials may be cause for disciplinary action and/or removal from the list of active match officials,

For further information please go to the league website at and click the DSL-YOUTH INDOOR LEAGUE tab.