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Clarifying the call-up rules
Clarifying the call-up rules

As per OSA Operational Procedures (Section 7.0 Game Types Procedure 5.0 Grassroots Soccer):

5.4 Playing with an older age group squad

An Under 12 and younger aged player may only play with an older age group under one of the following conditions:
a) he/she is evaluated to play with an older age group:
i. an under 7 player wishing to play with an under-8 squad must complete the appropriate evaluation process/form
ii. an under-8 player wishing to play with an under-9 squad must complete the U8 to U9 evaluation process/form
iii. Under 9 to Under 11 players wishing to play to an older age group must complete the U9-U11 evaluation/form
iv. an under 12 player wishing to play to an under 13 team must complete the U12 to U13 process/form.

Grassroots players are prohibited from being evaluated to play more than 1 year older.

5.4.1 If a player is evaluated and approved to play with an older age group that player shall be registered in that age group.

If a player is evaluated to play up to a higher age group, they should be registered to that age group for the entire season and/or remainder of the season.

U12 players are not permitted to be used as “call ups” to U13 teams for The Ontario Cup and/or any other form of competition.

For more regarding this topic please view the Grassroots Webinar: Fast Tracking and Player Development .





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